iiko restaurant POS goes far beyond simple POS systems ...
it drives up efficiency across your operation
It's all about improving productivity, increasing speed
and precision of processes and providing scalability.
Everything is covered...
From speeding-up order placement and service delivery, through to optimising your staff schedules, increasing kitchen efficiency, making better purchasing choices and rolling out profitable promotions.
Perfect fit for every business
With iiko restaurant POS, you can run your entire operation with one unified business management suite. Experience your world as you've never seen it before.

What's more, iiko is easy to deploy, use and scale. As a 100% cloud-based platform with a pay-as-you-go subscription model, it's ready and waiting for you to get started ... whether you're a small business or a large one. iiko is right for everyone.
Why does iiko outperform other POS systems?
The big difference is that iiko is feature-rich and been honed over years with highly-successful restaurants in Europe. Put simply, you're not taking a chance with your business. iiko gives you so much more.
Intuitive, easy-to-use tools
Getting all your team to use the tech from Day One is essential. It needs to be easy - and make their lives simpler. iiko's easy-to-use interface equips employees with better tools. Everyone can see their mission, where they are accountable — and where they can make a difference.
Quality and accuracy ... baked in
iiko helps employees understand and comply with policies and procedures. Comprehensive built-in controls make it practical to standardise policies and improve the quality and accuracy of tasks.
Valuable insights for decisions
iiko maintains extensive information about past, present and future productivity data — and provides flexible reporting and alerts where necessary. Managers get easy access to this information for clear analysis and better decision-making.
Optimised for efficiency
iiko uses highly-automated electronic systems to eliminate manual processes, paper shuffling and lost records. We speed up the process significantly. Everything can be tracked, from sales and supplies, through to purchasing and inventory.
Pay-as-you-go model
Our PAYG, cloud-based subscription model means there are no hefty up-front fees or unpredictable costs. iiko can start paying for itself from the moment you first log in.
Support for multi-site operations
Our solution is designed to be used in any and many business structures. You can manage and monitor all your different outlets as one business, rather than separate entities
Easy integration
You can integrate iiko easily with financial and payment systems, streamlining your processes. Our platform is built with clear integration points that utilise industry standards and tools to make integration into your environment easy to do and manage.
Solution that always fits
iiko can be deployed to fit the way any organisation works — from a single venue or multiple sites across a country, through to a multi-national enterprise. It scales with ease.
Rapid implementation, fast results
Today's restaurant businesses cannot afford huge projects or long waits for results. iiko is easy to configure and implement with minimal IT support.
Cloud delivery
iiko is 100% cloud based. This means you can avoid having to pay for a vast IT infrastructure, storage, operating systems and virus checking — minimising costs.
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