Quick Service

You want more sales, less training time, and as few minutes spent fiddling with a complicated point-of-sale system as humanly possible. When it comes to restaurant automation, simpler is always better.

Enter iiko, a quick service POS and restaurant management suite that makes running your business smoother.

But how does iiko's electronic point-of-sale system (or EPOS) make a difference?
More Sales with a Quick Service POS
A Clear, Uncomplicated UI
Eliminate unnecessary training and embrace iiko's elegant User Interface. With large, intuitive buttons, colorful icons, and customizable quick-access menus, your cashiers will zip through their orders with confidence.
Customer Facing Display
The iiko customer-facing display confirms a customer's order on the spot, decreasing time spent on fixing orders and increasing customer satisfaction and turnaround.
More Than One Order at a Time
Give long lines the old heave-ho with iiko's multi-order system. The iiko's parallel order feature allows you to take multiple orders at a time, speeding up your entire operation from sale to assembly.
Meal Deals
Have deals that combine multiple items at a lower price? The iiko POS can keep track of this – it can even be set to only offer these deals for a limited time.
Suggestions and Upsell Hints
Does your business offer meal deals or other kind of combo options? The iiko system can suggest deals that a human cashier might have missed – it can catch items ordered separately and propose a deal. This feature is another win-win for customers and your business alike.
Speed Up Your Business
Whether it comes to menu management, inventory control, or just creating a rapid POS that's effortless to use, iiko restaurant management systems are designed from the ground up to make your life easier.
Point of Sales
Dine in features in an intuitive UI
Customisable quick menu

Adjust the quick menu to greatly reduce the time required for bumping the order.

Self-ordering is quickly turning from a trend into a commodity. Stop losing customers due to long lines!
Kitchen management system

In a quick service restaurant, the orders must flow to the kitchen immediately. And that's exactly what iiko provides with a built-in kitchen management system!
Built-in loyalty system

The system will see to your guests getting the discount or a gift item once they earn it.
Do not miss a chance to look into the future...on a weekly basis!

Based off previous sales and reports, the system creates a weekly sales forecast for your managers to use. They don't even require someone to run the report – they happen without any interference, delivered in an easily-digestible format. They can be altered, too, using the simple UI to make estimations, change variables, or try out new ideas.
Consumption Forecast

Not sure how the week's going to go, wondering if you need to order more inventory? The consumption forecast can use prior sales and business to create a customizable report that forecasts the ingredients you'll need.

It can forecast the upcoming week, or even further into the future, giving you a birds-eye-view of the product you may need to be doubling down on.
Preparation Plans

Be always prepared for revenue with iiko's Prep Plan feature! The system will tell your kitchen team when exactly they need this much meat or that much dough to defrost or proof, based on the recipes and hourly sales forecast.

Iiko has a built-in purchasing system that uses the consumption forecast – and the automated sales forecast – to automatically let you know what you're running out of.

If your ingredient supplier uses EDI, you can even it set it up to order automatically, which is a fantastic choice for staple ingredients that you absolutely can't run out of.

iiko's inventory functionality is high precision, and updates in real time, ensuring that your restaurant is as cost efficient as possible.
The database talks to the sales data and alters the inventory in real time.

The recipes themselves are then separated into gross quantity, net quantity, and output quantity. It can also keep track of yield – the difference between the uncooked ingredient and the finished product.

It can even keep track of the difference between peeled and unpeeled potatoes, weight water loss, and weight water gained.

There's even a mobile feature called iiko Mobile Inventory – bring your device back into the kitchen and sort the inventory in less than 20 minutes.

Nutrition Facts and Allergen Information
Now more than ever, customers want and need the health and nutrition facts for every ingredient in their meal. Whether they're allergic, have a sensitivity, or just on an extremely specific diet, customers will flock to a restaurant or franchise that can easily offer what they need to know.

When you enter ingredient and recipes into the iiko system, the database then assigns that nutrition and allergen info to any dish using that ingredient. And don't worry about the dirty work – once you've inputted the information, iiko will calculate the changing nutrition needs and flag menu options that contain allergens.

Being always ready to serve your customers requires accurate schedule management, as well as maintaining a high esteem within your team. See what iiko can offer to help improving personnel efficiency.
Manage Payroll

Payroll might be the foundation of every business, but it isn't always exciting. Iiko's payroll calculator keeps track of schedules, salaries, attendance, and incentive programs to manage your entire payroll operation with as little input as you can spare.
Schedule Employees

Another pile of spreadsheets that can be offloaded to a computer system. Iiko can record the schedule you have planned and compare it to the actual worked time of your employees. It allows for quick adjustments, too, and will calculate the changes for you.

Getting the schedule of the whole team together in one centralized, online-accessible location makes life easier for everyone in the business.

Incentivise Motivation

Do you have employees and team members who deserve accolades for their incredible work and dedication?

Iiko has a number of built-in incentive programs you can choose. They can be based of sales goals, percentages, reviews, or more: iiko can work with most common metrics to tune your program exactly how you want it.

Track Attendance

Toss those time sheets and let iiko do the work. The iiko POS terminals track clock-ins and clock-outs and import that data right into the system to be used for payroll, attendance, or even the incentivization programs mentioned above.
Improve repeat business with iiko's highly customisable loyalty and promotion programs.
Facilitate Marketing Campaigns

Want to encourage your guests to bring their friends, to share their positive experiences with others? Iiko can create reward programs that both encourage repeat business and provide benefits to customer references.
Integrate with CRM Systems

Already have a customer relationship management system, or CRM? Don't worry about it. Iiko can integrate easily with your existing CRM, importing or exporting data as needed to gather all of your customer information under one digital roof.
Create a Customer Database

Whether you've got one store or fifty, iiko manages a central customer database that can be added, accessed, or altered from any location. A coherent, steady database can mean wonders for your incentivization programs, marketing campaigns, local sales reports, and surveys.
Reach out to your guests

Send marketing text messages, informing your customers about upcoming events, new deals, etc.

Integrate SMS campaigns with marketing offers to track efficiency of your activities!
How can you tell if your business is doing well? Numbers! Without data, we don't know our past or our future. But with data, you can plough a new road, or be agile when change comes.

The system catalogues revenue, time worked, cost of food, table turnover, and even revenue per square meter or foot to provide you with every possible metric you could need. Iiko can provide metric-based analytics in whatever form you need for your business.

Iiko reports are constantly updated and are accurate down to the moment. They can even be customized and configured to suit your needs. They include certain tables, or certain sections, all broken down into charts to give you the clearest picture of the current state of your business.
Lightning fast

We know you don't have time to wait. That's why iiko reports take less than 5 seconds to recall. That's valuable time gained that can be used to better support your business, or to take a break. Just kidding, what are breaks?
In your pocket

The best part about these reports and analytics? The data is available online or through the mobile app and can be accessed wherever you are.
Stay alert
iikoWeb is a mobile platform that can deliver alerts about your business right to the mobile users you've specified. Managers, purchasers, warehouse guys – whoever you feel needs specific data, they can be setup to get on-the-fly alerts to keep them apprised of the latest changes.
Why iiko?
Nowadays there are so many POS solutions, and new ones are emerging every month, so what makes iiko stand out?
Intuitive and Realtime
We have invested heavily in usability of iiko POS, making it possible to reduce in-store team training time up to 20 times compared to legacy systems.
Robust and Feature-rich
Based on the experience of 22,000 restaurants of all possible kinds we can proudly state that iiko can support any type of business while delivering rock-solid stability to your daily operations.
Multi-store Support
Does not matter if you already have hundreds of stores or just plan to have them in future, iiko comes ready. Multi-store capabilities are always there when you need them, at no extra cost.
Future Proof
All your data is securely stored in the cloud, making it available 24/7 from anywhere. Our extended API's provide all the means to extend core functionality (e.g. integrate with a new payment provider, or specific supplier's EDI).
Our only focus is hospitality business, so everything we do is aimed at your business success.
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