Restaurant Management Made Easy

What can manage your inventory, track your payroll, map your floor plan, and handle every recipe you'll ever have?

Enter iiko, the solution to restaurant automation.
What's in the Box?
All-in-One POS
It's almost unfair to call iiko a point-of-sales system, because that's only one tiny facet of what it can do.

Think of iiko like your restaurant's brain, central nervous system, and eyes. It uses an intuitive interface for orders and sales, of course, but it also manages reservations and delivery orders.
The Key to All of Your Back-of-House Needs
Take your business into the future with restaurant automation. Imagine iiko like your constant companion, your computerized valet who can provide you real-time stats on everything from the latest delivery to how many tomatoes you'll need a month from now.

And the best part about iiko is that the longer you have it, the more data it collects, allowing you to receive more accurate projections and forecasts.

Iiko is the kind of tool that can change your business. Iiko's various tools form a web of safety and comfort that makes reports, analytics, and even purchasing far easier and more accurate.

Who needs a time clock, reservation ledger, or payroll folder? Just grab an iiko.
Real-time Analytics
Everything about iiko is real-time. The sales, the inventory, even the payroll — it's calculated constantly to provide you with the most up-to-date information on your business, no matter the size.
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Multi-store Business

Big business can mean big needs – we're talking cash flow, inventory, and data. Data is king, and it can tell you where you need to focus and what you need to keep your eye on. If you've got a franchise or multiple stores on your hands, there's a full-featured, comprehensive POS system out there for you.
Why iiko?
Nowadays there are so many POS solutions, and new ones are emerging every month, so what makes iiko stand out?
Intuitive and Realtime
We have invested heavily in usability of iiko POS, making it possible to reduce in-store team training time up to 20 times compared to legacy systems.
Robust and Feature-rich
Based on the experience of 22,000 restaurants of all possible kinds we can proudly state that iiko can support any type of business while delivering rock-solid stability to your daily operations.
Multi-store Support
No matter if you already have hundreds of stores or just plan to have them in future, iiko comes ready. Multi-store capabilities are always there when you need them, at no extra cost.
Future Proof
All your data is securely stored in the cloud, making it available 24/7 from anywhere. Our extended API's provide all the means to extend core functionality (e.g. integrate with a new payment provider, or specific supplier's EDI).
GDPR Compliance
Read about iiko commitment to data privacy
Our customers
More than 22,000 restaurants and cafes in 29 countries have chosen iiko for their daily operations.
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