Why restaurant tech is no longer optional
Droid waiting staff, food replication units and pill-sized meals ... sci-fi has thrown up some quirky ideas about the future of restaurant technology. But what do we need to be embracing today?
20 JAN / 2019
Imagine ordering a burger, fries and a strawberry milkshake in a 1950s diner? Back then, all the tech staff really needed was a cash register. And for decades, life didn't change that much.

The trouble is, many restaurants today can end up thinking along the same lines. The till is where it all happens. OK, so there are the card machines, a few tablets for taking orders maybe, and then a laptop in the back office where someone spends hours pouring over spreadsheets.

But the rest of the world has moved on. The number of ingredients has snowballed, tastes and trends fluctuate wildly, diners' expectations have soared, competition has intensified and pressure on costs weighs heavier than ever.

Put together, these challenges cannot be addressed by a till-and-spreadsheet mindset. The old model of restaurant management is bust.

So it's no wonder that forward-thinking restaurants have been searching for answers — and finding them. Watch this video which touches on the future of restaurant technology and how to take your first steps today.

In the video, iiko UK Managing Director Simon Dadswell gets to the heart of the matter in just two minutes. The real point is that technology is no longer a luxury, it's a must-have — at the heart of any successful restaurant.

The tech needs to do the grunt work (like staff scheduling) as well as the magic (like creating supplier orders automatically, based on accurate forecasts). And then there are fast and accurate financial reports too, that you can access in seconds.

With the right tech, you can spend more time focusing on your fresh ideas, great food, happy customers and increasing revenues. All the stuff that restaurateurs would much rather be doing.