"We love what we do — and it's great to see
our customers succeeding in new ways. We're
always there to bring fresh ideas to the table
and make them happen"
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At iiko, we love restaurants ... and we love solving business challenges. We're helping some of our favourite restaurants, bars and pizza companies to thrive — thanks to some behind-the-scenes brilliance.

Our consultants, developers and support team have a different mindset ... Everything we do is about finding solutions that are simpler, easier and smarter.

We don't compromise, settle for second best ... or leave our clients in the lurch. We're committed to ensuring every client gets the best from our outstanding technology.
Your world as you've never seen it before
End-to-end control and automation for restaurants, bars and pizza outlets
Why iiko outperforms other systems
The big difference is that iiko is feature-rich and been honed over the years with
highly-successful restaurants in Europe. Put simply, you're not taking a chance with
your business. iiko gives you so much more.
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Over 27,000 restaurant operators world-wide love iiko
Our customers are controlling costs, boosting profits and growing their businesses with iiko's innovative technology.


"Fast and intuitive: Those are two words that sum up so much about iiko — from order taking, through to our daily operations, and getting those valuable insights we need about what's happening within our business."

Edward Skilton, Manager at Crystal Palace Market

"Overall, iiko has been completely intuitive. It's ultra fast to take orders, run our
daily operations and get valuable data to help ourbusiness. I'd gladly recommend iiko
to friends across the industry."
Iryna, Manager, The World's End Market
Only iiko combines…
The innovative capabilities you need to streamline your entire operation,
... with the controls you need to improve quality and accuracy,
... and the intuitive, easy-to-use design you need for flexibility and customisation.

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