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iiko technology uses ingenious automation to
connect and streamline virtually every aspect of
your restaurant operation. Suddenly, you're in control.
Control your costs
Save hours every week. Maintain financial control over ordering, labour, inventory and waste, so efficiency gets maximised. If there's a performance or compliance problem — it's easy to spot and take action. All these savings transform bottom line performance.
Boost your profits
Enhance customer experience with upsell options, meals arriving accurately and on time, loyalty schemes that bring you closer to your audience, smart connectivity with ordering apps, and fast and easy tools to fine tune promotions.
Grow your business
iiko is cloud based. Training is a breeze. What's more, iiko flexes with you. You can add new features, functionality and user rights from your control panel. And when new
locations are up and running, you'll see exactly how they're performing too.

"Fast and intuitive: Those are two words that sum up so much about iiko — from order taking, through to our daily operations, and getting those valuable insights we need about what's happening within our business."

Edward Skilton, Manager at Crystal Palace Market
"Overall, iiko has been completely intuitive. It's ultra fast to take orders, run our daily operations and get valuable data to help our business. I'd gladly recommend iiko to friends across the industry."

Iryna, Manager, The World's End Market
iiko will be a great fit for your business
If you provide food or drink to customers, then you need iiko. It's that simple. iiko is the only all-in-one POS system of its kind created specifically for your industry alone and it addresses just the kinds of challenges you face every day.
Quick Service
It really matters that customers are
getting served fast and efficiently, so you can sell more every day.
Fine Dining
More discerning guests expect exceptional service, quality and attention to detail. You can never afford to drop the ball.
Operating a business that also delivers feels like you're running two restaurants at once. Both audiences demand top service.
Casual Dining
It's vital to track guests, tables, and time, so every customer gets a great experience, from start to finish.
Pizza Businesses
Handling customised orders and high volumes at lightning speed is essential. Every second is precious.
With profits linked to quick sales and high volumes, you need speed and efficiency to keep your bar working at its best.
So what's included? Everything
You can get everything you want in one package… because iiko is an all-in-one platform.
Pricing & Plans
There's a plan whatever your business needs
all-in-one suite for the start-up
£49 /mo
or £468 /year
price per till
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customisable solution for big business
£99 /mo
or £999/year
price per till (minimum 5 tills)
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Over 27,000 restaurant operators
world-wide love iiko
Our customers are controlling costs, boosting profits and growing their businesses with iiko's innovative technology.
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